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  • Martin & Co.- Musical Instruments
  • Taylor- Premier Instrument Brand
  • Collings- Best Instrument Brand
  • James Goodall Guitars
  • Froggy Bottom- Musical Instrument
  • Huss & Dalton Musical Instrument
  • Santa Cruz- Steel String Guitars
  • Breedlove- Acoustic Instrument
  • RainSong Acoustic Guitars
  • Eastman- Best Musical Instrument
  • Musical Instrument by Beard
  • Ome- Musical Instrument Brand
  • Composite Acoustics Instrument
  • Cordoba- Musical Instrument Brand
  • Takamine- Steel & Nylon Steel Guitars
Quality Acoustic Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos and More!

Celebrating our 82nd year! We are Madison Music located in Madison, Wisconsin. We

have been serving the music community of the Madison area and beyond since 1936.

Our focus is fine steel & nylon acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos and resonators.

Premium Steel & Nylon String Guitars

We are pleased to represent some of today's premier acoustic instrument builders.

Call us or drop by today to see our inventory of quality acoustic instruments.

"Life Is Short - Play Expensive Guitars"


News & Events

New Arrival: Taylor K24ce 12-Fret LTD - Hawaiian Koa
New Arrival: Goodall PECJ - Palo Escrito / German Spruce
New Arrival: Taylor 514ce LTD 2017 - Walnut / Torrified Sitka Spruce
New Arrival: Huss & Dalton  T-0014 Custom - Avodire / "Thermo-cured" Sitka Spruce
New Arrival: Goodall Grand Concert - Myrtle Wood / Italian Spruce